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As an MSP you have established a stronghold in the market by delivering unparalleled device management services. MSP revenue is at risk.  The terrain is swiftly shifting underfoot. OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) have entered the domain with their device management portals, enterprises are opting to handle their networks in-house, and titans like Cisco are making observability acquisitions. The revenue arteries that have fueled your growth are now facing a blockade. It’s time to strategize and recapture the helm.


Emergence of OEM Portals and Enterprise Self-Reliance

MSP revenue potential in device management has not gone unnoticed by OEMs, who now offer portals deeply integrated with their hardware. Concurrently, enterprises are drawn towards these portals, enticed by the allure of control and cost-efficiency.

The OEM Hurdle:

The undertaking to manage a communication network via multiple OEM portals presents a maze. Each portal, with its unique interface and operational subtleties, only reveals a fragment of the network, obscuring a holistic view. The absence of a unified platform stifles crucial operations like automation, real-time monitoring, and centralized control, paving the way for errors and misconfigurations that could tarnish network performance and reliability.

The Enterprise Challenge:

Enterprises, armed with resources and technical acumen, are steering towards managing networks in-house, anticipating cost savings. However, the facade of cost-saving may be masking a labyrinth of complexities and risks. The siloed operation of business units, each navigating the cloud realm independently, can lead to overspending, loss of optimization, and an escalating complexity in data management, especially in a multi-cloud environment.

Industry Consolidation:

Cisco’s acquisition embodies a trend where tech behemoths are bundling hardware and analytics to transform their business to more recurring revenue. This paradigm shift threatens MSP revenue. MSPs have flourished by filling the voids left by larger corporations with personalized, specialized services. The broad corporate ambitions could eclipse the innovative essence of MSPs, potentially diminishing competition, and throttling continuous innovation and cost-efficiency, factors that underpin the quality and cost of services.

The Hidden Price Tag of DIY Device Management

Before enterprises leap onto the DIY bandwagon, consider the following:

  1. Limited Functionality: OEM portals may replicate some functionalities, yet they pale in comparison to the extensive capabilities MSPs bring to the table.
  2. Multi-Vendor Support Deficit: The multi-vendor nature of many enterprises renders OEM portals a fragmented solution with narrowed visibility.
  3. Resource Drain: In-house network management demands a dedicated workforce and an unyielding commitment to skill enhancement.
  4. Risk Augmentation: The absence of expert network management heightens security risks and downtime vulnerability.

The MSP Edge:

Your MSP goes beyond mere device management:

  1. Multi-Vendor Support: You offer a unified solution capable of managing a plethora of vendor devices.
  2. Advanced Features: Your services transcend basic functionalities, offering a comprehensive management solution.
  3. Customization: Your tailored solutions outshine the offerings of OEM portals and in-house management.
  4. Expert Support: Your expert team delivers relentless support, bridging the oversight gaps enterprises are likely to encounter.

The Bottom Line:

Despite the evolving landscape, passive observation is not the recourse. MSP revenue is at stake. Illuminate the path for your enterprise clientele, explaining the costs, limitations, and ramifications of the changing tides. Your role extends beyond service provision; you are a strategic partner vested in their continued success.


Trextel is an expert in solving the complexity of multi-location, multi-device, technology design, deployment and management. Unlike traditional MSPs, we blend advanced WAN management, and large-scale technology design and deployment expertise with a strategic focus on customer success. Our approach ensures your network isn’t just managed; it’s built and optimized for peak performance and innovation, today and tomorrow.