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Transforming network challenges into managed solutions

Gain deep insights and empower your business with real, actionable intelligence. Optimize processes. Make data-driven decisions. Turn obstacles into opportunities for success with Trextel’s array of business solutions.

Business Intelligence for Connectivity Management

Networks that combine WAN and fixed cellular components have grown increasingly complex—and noisy. Interpreting and managing that noise takes time, money, and resources. IntelliTrex seamlessly translates network noise into actionable knowledge, so your team can easily optimize mixed networks and keep your customers happy.

Flexible Platform Integration

Network complexity is driven by the breadth of providers in the circuit, with hardware and software connections from the edge to multiple peering points. IntelliTrex cuts through the complexity by offering instant network-wide visibility into performance through API integrations with OEMs, carriers, and incident management tools.

Collaborative Software Management

You don’t need another monitoring tool—almost every manufacturer has a portal, and monitoring systems are a dime a dozen. You need a comprehensive connectivity business intelligence solution, backed by a partner who will collaborate with you and meticulously configure the platform to your needs. Don’t choose another tool. Choose a personalized experience.


Our customers call it revolutionary.
We call it IntelliTrex.

Up your MSP game with a connectivity business intelligence platform that can centralize your data and give you edge-to-engineer visibility without the usual hassle.

A team that works with you. Solutions that work for you.

Forget cookie-cutter solutions. “Personalized” is the name of our game. We want to get to know all about you, so we can create something that works exactly the way you need it to.