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Transforming technology challenges into optimized outcomes

Gain deep insights and empower your business with real, actionable intelligence. Optimize processes. Make data-driven decisions. Turn obstacles into opportunities for success with Trextel’s solutions.

Project Management

Proper planning and project oversight is essential for planning and maintaining budgets and timelines. Large multi-site, multi-technology deployments often fail due to improper planning or lack of professional project management.  In reality, the complexity of coordination quickly overwhelms internal staff, leading to missed deadlines, costly site revisits and a whole host of issues that could be mitigated through proper project management.

Deployment Services

Technology investments don’t begin and end with installation, especially in today’s continually evolving environment. Technology investments can be costly, especially the on-going maintenance and support of that technology.  Because the process doesn’t end with the physical installation, it is crucial to mitigate potential business impacts from technology interruptions. 

On Site Installation

We focus on first visit success rates, dramatically reducing the need for revisits, timeline disruptions and budget.  The physical installation is the most overlooked component of any technology investment. Enterprise customers spend the majority of their time evaluating solutions and budgeting for the physical cost of the devices. As a result, installations are often rushed, put extra strain on internal IT staff and often lead to over-budget and under performing investments.


Our customers call it revolutionary.
We call it IntelliTrex.

Up your network management game with a Managed Services team with a platform that can centralize your data and give you edge-to-engineer visibility without the usual hassle.

A team that works with you. Solutions that work for you.

Forget cookie-cutter solutions. “Tailored” is the name of our game. We want to get to know all about you, so we can create something that works exactly the way you need it to.