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Technology and strategy intersect at work, but being technically adept is only part of the equation for success. Expanding your prowess to political and strategic savvy is critical for executives, especially those with a deep understanding of technical nuances and a direct impact on profit and loss (P&L) responsibilities. You must blend your technical expertise with a broader vision. With relationships at the foundation, here are tips for increasing your political and strategic savvy.

Cultivate Strategic Relationships

The cornerstone of political and strategic acumen is cultivating and maintaining strategic relationships. What does this mean? More than just networking. It’s about building genuine connections with key stakeholders within and outside your organization. As you come to understand the motivations, challenges, and goals of your peers, superiors, and counterparts in other industries, you create a network of support and collaboration to help you move your strategic initiatives forward. By cultivating strategic relationships, you ensure your technical vision aligns with broader business objectives.

Develop a Forward-Thinking Mindset

Being strategically savvy means looking beyond the immediate technical challenges to understand the broader business landscape. It involves anticipating market trends, identifying potential disruptions, and preparing your organization to pivot when necessary. As you are growing your strategic relationships, open yourself to learning innovative technologies and new ways of working, exposing yourself to industries and functional roles outside of your own. In doing so, you prepare yourself and your organization to navigate uncertainty and change. It’s about seeing the forest through the trees, leveraging your technical knowledge to inform strategic decisions that drive long-term success.

Master the Art of Influence

Technical executives often have the insight to drive innovation, but influencing others to adopt new strategies or directions is a challenge. Mastering the art of influence – not manipulation – is crucial. It’s about articulating the value and vision of your ideas in a way that resonates with various stakeholders. As you develop relationships, your peers and colleagues grow to trust you, and you strengthen your ability to influence. Building on those relationships, use data and your technical expertise to build compelling narratives that align with the interests and values of your audience. By inspiring and persuading others, you leave a positive mark on your organization through strategic transformation.

Embrace a Holistic View of the Business

You have to embrace a holistic business view to become more politically and strategically savvy. To do so means understanding how various parts of the company interconnect and impact each other, from finance and operations to marketing and sales. Your technical expertise and the cross-functional relationships you build provide a powerful lens through which to view these functions. By integrating this perspective with a comprehensive understanding of business operations, you can identify innovative solutions that drive efficiency, enhance customer experience, and contribute to the bottom line.

Lead with Empathy and Integrity

Finally, navigating any organization requires a leadership approach grounded in empathy and integrity. Understanding your colleagues’ perspectives, challenges, and aspirations strengthens your relationships and enables you to navigate complex organizational dynamics effectively. Leading with integrity ensures that your strategic initiatives align with the company’s values and long-term vision. This approach fosters a culture of trust and collaboration and positions you as sharing wisdom and guiding your organization toward a prosperous future.

Transitioning from a technically adept executive to one that is also politically and strategically savvy involves broadening your perspective, deepening your relationships, and leveraging your technical insights for strategic advantage. It’s a journey that requires patience, empathy, and a commitment to continuous learning. By embracing these principles, you can drive your organization to new heights, navigating the complex interplay of technology, strategy, and politics with confidence and skill.

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