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During conversations about carrier SLA performance, we’ve heard from partners that in the first year of customer engagements, they usually unearth substantial savings for their customers by rectifying inefficiencies, optimizing processes, and ensuring contract compliance with carrier SLA performance. The momentum tends to slow down in the second year; the savings are there but not as hefty as in the first year. By the time the third year rolls around, cost-saving opportunities often dry up, making it challenging to sustain their value proposition. This cycle underscores a pressing challenge – how to continue to drive value.

SLA Accountability: Mission Critical

At a virtual session during VMworld 2020, VMware Senior Director of Solutions Management Sumit Verdi, spoke about adherence to SLA requirements. He said “[SLA adherence] is going to become critical. More and more of these applications are going to get classified into the ‘mission critical’ type of context. As such, SLAs are going to be very, very critical.” (1)

In the traditional setting, providers sift through various reports from telecom service providers to understand the quality of services provided and find any potential savings for their clients. They look for credits that could be claimed when the promised service levels are not met.

SLA Performance Reporting Isn’t Always Clear

But here lies a snag. Carrier SLA performance data from telecom service providers isn’t always clear, complete, or real-time. Making matters worse, large data sets from different systems and telecom service providers have to be combined, and complex files created to compare actual performance to contracted SLAs. The process is time-consuming and prone to error. These gaps make it tough to assure clients of the accuracy of SLA reporting.

Picture a scenario where a healthcare company is looking to cut costs amidst a tough economy. They turn to their partner to scrutinize their bills, suspecting some savings might be hidden there. However, due to the lack of real-time data from the telecom service providers, the partner struggles to manually create reporting to gain much-needed clarity. This situation could lead to a loss of potential savings and strain trust between the partner and its customers.

This is where SLA accountability becomes mission-critical.

Enter IntelliTrex, a platform that promises to change the game. It cuts through the haze, offering clear, real-time reporting on telecom service provider performance. This unbiased, real-time data helps validate the service level reports from telecom service providers. The result? A way to validate and enhance reports, spend less time on manual verification, and identify more savings for their customers.

With IntelliTrex, partners can now deliver the clarity their clients crave without the usual runaround. It’s about empowering them to deliver ongoing savings, foster trust, and ensure their customers get the value they deserve.

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