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Where human expertise and powerful technology meet

As a leading Managed Software-as-a-Service company with a strong focus on collaborative network management, Trextel is the trusted partner for Managed Service Providers seeking to enhance their network capabilities and drive business success.


node density per technician


reduction in MTTR


years of MSP expertise


Business Intelligence for Connectivity Management

Wide area networks have grown increasingly complex—and noisy. Managing that noise takes time and money, and finding people who can interpret that noise takes even more time and money. IntelliTrex translates network noise into actionable knowledge, so your team can easily optimize networks and keep your customers happy.

Flexible Platform Integration

Network complexity is driven by the breadth of providers in the circuit, with hardware and software connections from the edge to multiple peering points. IntelliTrex cuts through the complexity by offering instant network-wide visibility into performance through integrations with OEMs, carriers, and incident management tools.

Collaborative Software Management

You don’t need another monitoring tool—almost every manufacturer has a portal, and monitoring systems are a dime a dozen. You need a comprehensive connectivity business intelligence solution, backed by a partner who will collaborate with you to embed your new platform into your existing business solutions.


Solve problems. Before they turn into customer complaints.

Unlock the power of real, actionable insights with one of the industry’s leading connectivity business intelligence platforms. Become your customers’ true hero with IntelliTrex.


Real customers.
Real transformations.
Real results.

See how Trextel’s winning combination of purpose-built technology and profound human expertise drives our customers’ success to new heights and transforms our customers’ businesses for the better.

Case Study

How an MSP uses IntelliTrex to Increase Value

How an MSP went from using off-the-shelf monitoring software and OEM portals to manage network connectivity and expenses, to gaining unparalleled observability.

Case Study

Large Systems Integrator Utilizes IntelliTrex for BI

How a large systems integrator leveraged IntelliTrex to curb excessive data usage, minimize costs and provide world-class support to over 40,000 business customers.

Industry Report

The Road Ahead: What MSPs Need To Know

Read our industry report on the state of modern enterprise network management and the challenges facing MSPs today.

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