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Proactive Managed Services

for the technology that comes next


Managing connectivity across multiple  locations is complex

We simplify network management by providing a tailored and personalized solution to optimize your network performance and ensure uptime for mission-critical devices.


reduction in downtime


reduction in tickets


years of network management expertise


Network Management & Support

You don’t need a monitoring tool or another portal – you need an Managed Services team who will collaborate with you to ensure your business is up and running 24x7x365.

Flexible Integration

Network complexity is driven by the breadth of providers in the circuit, with hardware and software connections from the edge to multiple peering points. Our platform cuts through the complexity by offering instant  visibility into performance through integrations with OEMs, carriers, and incident management tools.

Personalized Service

Networks have grown increasingly complex—and noisy. Managing that noise takes time and money, and finding people who can interpret that noise takes even more time and money. Our Managed Services team translates network noise into action, so your team can keep your customers happy.


Solve problems. Before they turn into customer complaints.

Unlike traditional MSPs, we blend advanced network management and large-scale technology design and deployment expertise with a strategic focus on customer success. Our approach ensures your network isn’t just managed; it’s built and optimized for peak performance and innovation.


Real customers.
Real transformations.
Real results.

See how Trextel’s winning combination of network management expertise and technology drives our customers’ success to new heights and transforms our customers’ businesses for the better.

Case Study

A Major Retailer Solves Complex WAN Challenges

How a major retailer overcame highly complex WAN cellular and wireline challenges to optimize WAN connectivity across all of their retail stores.

Case Study

Home Improvement Retailer Resolves WAN Performance Issues at Scale

Home improvement retailer minimized the risk of transaction processing issues with cellular connectivity as a backup to primary circuits at each store.

Case Study

Worldwide Healthcare Provider Optimizes Network Performance

How a healthcare provider ensures optimal network performance and availability, both critical to patient experience.

Trusted by the largest telecom, retail and hospitality companies in the world.