Trextel Statement Concerning Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

In keeping with Trextel’s corporate values and dedication to providing the best possible service to its Customers, we are issuing a statement regarding the current concern over the COVID-19 viral progression.


Ensuring the well-being of our staff while providing the top-quality service our Customers have come to expect remains our top priority during this period. Trextel’s executive leadership team is closely monitoring the evolving situation and has put a plan in place to minimize business disruption while maintaining a strong focus on employee health and safety. Since January, we have been closely monitoring the progression of the virus and enhancing our policies and procedures in order to supply full business continuity for our customers, as well as a safe environment for our employees. We are taking extra precautions to maintain a clean and healthy facility, increased distribution of cleaning supplies and have an action plan in place with employees.


The plan will continue to be evaluated and updated as events progress and is based on recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and associated agencies at the forefront of the response to ensure the most accurate and timely information.


Please look for additional communications from Trextel as events warrant.


The key elements of Trextel’s plan include:  


  • Daily thorough disinfecting of our facility to minimize any risk of contamination
  • Leverage all existing cloud technologies to ensure full range of business motion
  • Verified remote access for all employees with Full company virtual work testing to progressing throughout the remainder of this week
  • Performed High virtual load traffic testing
  • Ongoing vendor communication & coordination
  • Staffing plans established to maintain critical operations in case of location closures or staffing shortages
  • In the event there is a company mandated, government or local ordinance shutdown, Trextel will move forward with a full virtual staffing model. The project management and managed services (support) teams will keep customers informed of any changes that affect their transaction of business. This information is to be distributed through email or phone to designated distribution lists provided by